Bank Apologizes For Telling Customer That All Vegans Should Be Punched In The Face

A woman applied for a £400 loan at Natwest bank to get a nutritional diploma. When the bank employee learned the customer was a vegan they told her, “all vegans should be punched in the face.” His reasoning was that he believed that “vegans were forcing their beliefs on him” (source:

This is an all too common refrain from those who eat animal flesh and use products sourced from animals. Their own consciences condemn them and instead of rightly interpreting this conviction and self-condemnation as originating from their own hearts, they instead blame the vegan. They despise the higher standard that the vegan holds themselves to and it exposes their own unethical and immoral choices.

As Christian vegans we have to be firm in our convictions, but also realize that people have spent years being indoctrinated to harm animals. They are blind to the obvious evils committed on their behalf in eating animals and using animal sourced products. We need to pray for them and be vocal in letting them know there is a compassionate, merciful, and moral way to live: the way of being a Christian vegan.

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